Saturday, December 1, 2007

Learning a Few Things

So I started this project to challenge myself and to increase my skill level. The dress was supposed to be done last Sunday. I am REALLY hoping to be done tomorrow night sometime. I am hoping before the crack of dawn. I have class Monday and work the rest of the week and 2 papers to write and blah blah blah.

Of course, I began in the typical fashion by procrastinating. Getting scared that I couldn't do it and procrastinating more. Then I proceeded to dive in with an unrealistic expectation of the amount of time it would take. And with out the skills necessary (this was accompanied by shamefully frequent trips to the fridge to distract myself from the horror of my situation). I contemplated leaving a bag of half stitched crap-ola on the doorstep of the costume shop, ringing the doorbell (figuratively) and running. (Of course this was a VERY fleeting thought, bred of panic and despair)

Finally I showed up at the theatre where people assured me I was well on my way. They had faith that I could pull this off. Perhaps the sensed my willingness to bolt and were covering their own butts so that they didn't have to pick up the pieces. Whatever was happening, they managed to smoothly draw me back into the fold. Not by lying and telling me that that the was beautiful, but simply showing faith. You'll figure out how to make the seams lay flat on that cheap bridal satin. You'll figure out how to make it look like an elegant turn of the century party dress despite the flaws. You will figure it out. There was a lot of expertise. Some solid suggestions, some shaking of heads.... Yeah, that fabric looks great but it really sucks to work with (no, it wasn't solely my incompetence.

I don't believe that I will actually clear all the hurdles, but I do believe that I will be done at some point in the very near future and that the dress will appear in the show and that I will see more of the flaws than 90% of the audience. I will post pictures soon.

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