Monday, December 17, 2007

C's New Dress

And speaking of not sewing for myself - My wee friend C, who lives much too far north in NYC, is my sewing muse. It is for her that I stitch.

The trim for this was lovingly rescued from some garment belonging to one of my mother's cousins. Rescued by my great aunt who lived through the Depression and kept everything forever more stashed in her attic in the event that those dark days might return. Freezers full of food, a pantry full of labeled canned goods, basement full of old and broken appliances, attics full of tiny clothes taken apart and kept for the fabric that might one day have been unavailable. Marge passed away many years ago. Her husband later, but not so recently. Now her children are cleaning the attic. There are some gems, though not so many as you might think.

I was so pleased to be able to find a new home for this vintage trim that has been so long at the ready.


cho-girl said...

Please tell me she has some tights and sassy boots to go with that kick @ss dress!
You rock.

Elsie said...

Ooh, thanks. It is pretty cute. She'll look smashing in it. I love the idea of teeny tiny two year old sized boots with it. Eeep!