Sunday, December 9, 2007


Meme from cho-girl (with commentary)

Elsie likes to climb on thinks & can jump over a baby gate (well, it has been a long time, but I used to be able to clear a baby gate in a single bound)
Elsie likes to say that the work was done with great joy (I LIKE to say it, I rarely get the opportunity being an honest person)
Elsie likes to "Gimme five!!!" (that has been a while too, say since somewhere around 1975)
Elsie likes to keep her room clean and tidy. (Um, clearly the internets has some sense of humor as well as knowing all....)
Elsie likes to travel when holidays come around. (Not. I am looking forward to not leaving the house for 3 days at least.)

Here with the real name....

laura likes to pee in urinals. (I swear this is the first one that came up...I don't want to go anywhere near a urinal, especially with my pants down.)
Laura Likes to Eat (now we are talkin')
Laura likes to try and put a bit of a twist on things by experimenting (usually it is more in the vein of desperation when I experiment)
Laura likes to range about the high desert (I am sure I would like this)
Laura likes to begin each project with an information-gathering session (I luvs me some research! It is the doing something with all that info that usually throws me.)

And with that, I am off todays project of writing a paper for which I have done much research of questionable relevence a long time ago. cheers.

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cho-girl said...

Ha! THat's great! Thanks for the expansive commentary. Now, to work, you!