Friday, April 20, 2012


The ducks have made some progress this week.  Sampson seems to have lessened the frequency and vigor of his attacks.  The little ducks have left the duck pen on their own without the SB or I chasing them out.  They are snorggling around in the flower bed right outside their pen.  I suspect they are eating the seeds that I just planted but I am willing to overlook that given the circumstances.  I hope they start foraging further afield soon.  I hope that they find the water too.  They are constantly trying to bathe in the drinking water which means that they splash it out every where.  Annoying.

Yay for integration.

Monday, April 16, 2012


We are thinking of returning the ducks as they are clearly defective. They have no idea how to be ducks. They haven't even found the water yet and it is 12 feet from their pen. What do you ship 7 nearly grown ducks in? Why are they so stupid?

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Seems like I have been moving through molasses lately. Not getting much done on any front. Spring fever? Laziness? Your call.

The new ducks are out in the duck yard. They are bums. They have to be rousted out of their house on a regular basis. I force them out into the yard (the big ducks are always dying to go out) and as soon as I turn my back they have snuck back in and settled in the house. It is a rough go for them, our big male Sampson will periodically chase them and then abuse them. It is pathetic. I don't know whether to just let them at it. I feel like he is going to get tired of it at some point. I think keeping them separate at some point just prolongs the integration. At the same time, locking them in a cage all day where they can't get away from him seems somewhat cruel. I guess it is gonna be rough whichever way it goes. And these little ones really do need to toughen up. They are total pansies. It is hard to find good info on duck flock integration.

The goats are enjoying all the greenery. They are eating up a storm and loving it. The goat vet came today for their yearly check up/vaccinations. She said that they are both "proper" goats, meaning they have good confirmation. Also that Zinnia has beautiful feet and Ella has witches toes. Just sayin'. She also allowed that they were at the perfect weight and I shouldn't feed them more than necessary. Which is good because they seemed on the thin side to me.

The garden is crappy so far this year. No rain and lots of heat has made the germination totally spotty. I am moving on. Looking forward to putting out the summer plants and planning for fall. I think we will have some mustard greens, arugula and lettuce, but nothing else seems to be coming up.