Saturday, November 24, 2007


I have been remiss about this blog thing... But, the SB was in town for a few days for the holiday so I decided to spend as much time with him as possible. Last Sunday was beautiful and we spent the whole day in the garden planting, mowing and moving things. I planted some pincushion flowers and snap dragons that I started from seeds earlier. We went to dinner, ran into friends and made Thanksgiving dinner for 10 guests. I made the best turkey EVAR. Mom picked it up at Whole Foods and it was a real USDA organic thing. It was expensive, but out of this world great. I don't usually like turkey. I have to say the biggest hit were the chickpeas my friend from Bangladesh brought as an appetizer. They were spicy and mixed with potatoes and maybe a little spinach and we mixed them with puffed rice for crunch. I am definitely going to have to try this and I will post the recipe if I figure it out. I had asked for something festive and this is something she and her family eat often to break the day long fasts during Ramadan.

The SB left yesterday for DC with our friend and former C'villian D for fun and to check out a program in Alexandria where he might spend next year, or possibly some of the next doing an architectural internship.

So I am here, and I have to catch up on my dress project. I did a little work last night, but .... Today and Sunday are devoted. Except that I have to babysit today.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Man I am crank-ola. I forgot that I get this way when the weather gets cold. I resent the fact that I have to work tomorrow and especially that I have to think TODAY about having to work tomorrow. Blah. Add on top this is the very busiest time of the year for me at work and I have a presentation to give for my class tomorrow night. The entire week is full of things that I have to do. Mind you many of them are fun, but I need to plan some unplanned time where I can just mess around and get ready for the return of the SB this weekend sometime. And figure out what I am going to make for Thanksgiving dinner, and what I am going to get everyone for Christmas and when exactly I am going to do my Christmas shopping not to mention the 40 things I want to make for people.

I think there is a bit of an issue of expectation. In my dreams it is possible for me to have a house that is clean, debris free and infinitely inviting while working full time, taking classes and volunteering for the neighborhood association and the theatre. I can manage to make all my own meals thriftily and with joy and love. I don't throw away vegetables that have rotted in the fridge while I grab slices of pizza and dumplings on the run.... I make all the gifts I give to my loved ones from thrift store finds and scraps of broom straw and they are cherished by those who receive them. My garden is an oasis that blooms on all but the two coldest days of the year in a miraculous profusion of color and without unwanted grass and weeds. In my dream world I am fiscally responsible and purchase only those things that I know I need and want and will use to make my daily life more enjoyable and more productive. I help the SB begin paying off his school loans before he ever graduates. I am able to scratch everything off my to do list. In short, in my dream world I am a mixture of my mother, Martha Stewart and Alan Greenspan.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


So my computer has been acting up lately and making everything more difficult that is strictly necessary. Anywhoo... If you have been wondering about the dress, it is coming slowly. I am afraid to do too much in fits and starts because I might forget how it is put together and never get it right. But, I have taken the bodice off of the skirt which including some ripping of seams and some ripping of material...

Between the bodice and the skirt (and also where the sleeves join the body) there is/was a folded ribbon. Looks like it had both a decorative purpose (like adding piping between the pieces) as well as providing some structure and support in areas that are vulnerable to stresses (bending at the waist, moving the arms about.) Pretty darned elegant and clever.

The bodice is lined with muslin to support the silk and provide some heft to the material. Without it, the top would be quite clingy and thin.... and perhaps a wee bit too revealing for the time.

I am taking apart the skirt now. Tearing out rows of machine stitching and finding the hand basting stitches below. I will be taking notes. This thing has a really interesting construction. What you see below is the front and right side. It is all one piece with some pleats. The back and left side are at least 2 other panels, maybe 3. It isn't symmetrical at all. Curiouser and curiouser.

I have this horrible fear that this will be like the Chinese Boxing Phenomenon.... Some how the Chinese have an additional dimension that they pack products in and then put them through some kind of portal. The result is the total impossibility of repacking anything packed this way back into the box in which it came. Unless you find the portal. Let me know how that goes. I would be interested in finding it so that I could pack all of my fabric and yarn into a couple of shoe boxes and make some space in my sewing room.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


So, I have signed on for another project at my local community theatre. Not a huge one in the overall scheme of things, but one that will be a challenge for my wee skill set. And, as it coincides with another project that I have to do for my Survey Research Class, it will be a challenge for my time as well. No visits to the SB between now and Thanksgiving... That is most certain.

I thought I would blog about the project. Pictures, techniques, etc. But you can't tell anyone I am doing it...It might ruin the magic of the theatre somehow to see the costume in advance of the performance. So mum is the word friends. Mum. Is. The. Word.

Below is Point A.

Stay tuned.