Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hatching a Plan

So, there are a number of women in my circle of fiends that have mentioned an interest in having chickens. I mentioned this to one of my fiends that I see less often than others, she is the very lovely, very talented and (currently) very pregnant JD - actress, maker of lamps and donuts and home schoolin' mama.

Over a delightful dinner of veggies and lamb, we hatched something of a plan.... The Chick Collective. Since what stands in the way of many a chick and her chickens is a coop (and a lack of expertise, money or a man to build one), we thought that it might work to have a collective where we get together and help each other build our own .... No waiting around for Mr. Fix it to be coerced or hired. Besides... If we all had basically the same design, we could go in on larger material and chicken orders. We could do some spring/summer "coop raisings" like the old fashioned barn raisings.... But with more wine at the end. JD is also an electrician, and might could wire the houses with light bulbs for cold weather and early mornings.

I saw Cho-girl this morning. I think she is interested. We talked about teeny camisole tops with Chickens on them for participants. And I thought of a tag line while driving around this morning... C'ville Chick Collective. "She's got eggs, and she knows how to use them" (from the song by ZZ Top)

Anyone want to throw in her hat?

We have a few folks in the neighborhood here with chickens. I am happy to report they are fat and happy.


starrhillgirl said...

Me! Me! Me! I want chickens! Or, if not chickens just now (cat drama, you know) I want to be part of the collective.

Elsie said...

You were most definitely on "teh list" ;)

Becca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elsie said...

What is this "comment deleted" thing? Now I am just curious

cho-girl said...

It was me Elsie - apologies! I was unsucessful at being Anonymous
. . . *trails off*

But yea, I am totally in - it will be worth it for the cool tshirt!

Elsie said...

Oh goody!! Maybe over the holiday I will start doing some research about how many square feet of pen one needs per chicken, etc.