Sunday, September 23, 2007


I promise to one day post a picture. right now it all seems too great an undertaking though I will do just abut anything to avoid my statistics homework. This class is kicking my butt. Hard. I feel like I stepped off a cliff day one and am just waiting to hit the ground. Hard.

In avoiding stats, I made potato soup yesterday. I ran into my friend /neighbor Dr. H (he is a doctor of food. A chef. The guy that makes simple and delicious simple and fantastic) at the health food store Friday. He mentioned the lovely leeks. I agreed and bought some to go with the plethora of potatoes that I have been getting with my vegetable subscription.

Yesterday I made the simple delicious soup of leek and potato. Saute two washed and sliced leeks with 3 cloves of garlic and a big chunk of butter and a bay leave or two. Cut up 4-5 large potatoes. If the skins are thin I leave them on, if not, I peel them. I prefer yukon gold, but anything will do. Throw the taters in the pot and fill it up with chicken or veggie stock to about a half inch over the vegetables. Simmer until soft. You can either mash or puree or some of both. Then add some whole milk/half and half/whipping cream/creme fraiche - maybe half to three quarters of a cup and a big dollop of plain yogurt to add some tang. Serve hot or cold, with some parsley if you like or bacon if ya got it. Sooooo remarkably easy!!

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