Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend of Domesticity

I headed to Blacksburg this weekend to see my Sweet Baboo. We didn't do much of anything, but had a nice domestic weekend. Friday we made stew from a chicken that SB had made in his crock pot and had a neighbor over for a late dinner. Simple chicken noodle soup and delicious bread from Albemarle Baking Company. This was just a chicken cooked with onion and bay and carrot. When I reheated it with some potato chunks added and then poured it over cooked noodles. Simple. Delish. Bread and butter really made it more wonderful. Also we managed to hit on a nice chilly night.

The next night I made a pasta with bacon, winter squash and fresh spinach over pasta. I cooked the bacon while I was baking the squash. Then I poured out most of the bacon grease (OK, some of the bacon grease) and added onion, cubes of cooked squash, some water from the cooking pasta. AT the end, I piled a bunch of fresh spinach on top of the cooking squash and let it wilt. I chopped a few pieces of bacon and folded it in. This got poured over pasts and we had butter lettuce and fresh tomato salad and fresh bread and butter.

The next morning it was leftover squash /spinach/onion/cheese omelet with wheat toast and lots and lots of coffee.

Cooking just isn't much fun by myself. Anyone up for food swapping? I make a big pan of lasagne and you make some chili and we swap? Anyone?

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