Sunday, September 9, 2007


OK, here goes. I feel like sort of an impostor here since I don't really do that much popcorn...Cho-girl and Starrhillgirl are both pros....

Microwave or pan-popped?
Microwave.... I like pan popped better, but I am lazy.

Dinner or snack?
Snack. To keep me from ordering a 16 inch pepperoni pizza as a snack.

Sweet or savory?
Savory although the occasional carmel corn is not unappreciated.

Eat out of a bowl, bag, or out of the pan?
The bag when I don't burn it. A bowl when I do so that I can sift out the smoking clods of blackened corn and put them on the porch so as not to set off the smoke alarm.

All popped or leave some kernels?
Usually they are all pretty well popped by the time it starts smoking.

During a movie, would you throw it or do you prefer to make out?
Depends on if you are at home or in the theater. That seat arm is a little awkward.

What is the weirdest thing you have put on your popcorn?
I am a traditionalist. I don't do weird popcorn.

What's the best popcorn addition experiment that worked out well?
When I was a kid, we made it in this great steel wok. It never burned that way. But then again, my dad was cooking it.

Who do you share your popcorn moments with?
The SB (Sweet Baboo) and my walkin' buddy P.

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