Sunday, September 2, 2007

Step Away from The Man

On my good days, I torture myself over the choices I make daily, like buying lunch that comes in a disposable container, buying cheap yarn off the internet instead of visiting my local yarn shop, and drinking WAY too much seltzer water in plastic containers. I think it was about this time last year I was trying to start buying more stuff locally, even if it wasn't locally produced. You know, buying from the little guy instead of conglomerates like Giant and Food Lion (you know, The Man). I had success for a while, then went back to my old ways. Well, I am trying again.

My big success in my last round was getting fed up with all those yogurt containers that aren't recyclable. I bought a yogurt maker from Amazon (yes, Amazon is also The Man) and since then have made 95% of my yogurt. It is awesome and I love it. This time around, I have purchased a soda siphon. Yup. My very own homemade club soda- no bottle disposal required.

Now if I can just find a local purveyor of ground beef who is open on Sundays....


starrhillgirl said...

Since you're all about the un-Manned dairy products, I can give you some kefir grains and you can have local kefir.

Elsie said...

Um, I don't have local kafir. I thought kafir was a lime or something... I am a loser. But if it has to do with dairy products, I am all for it!