Sunday, September 9, 2007


Man it is dry out there. The Ville is under water restrictions. Plants are going belly up left and right. The garden is a desert. The creek is dry. It is all very demoralizing. I keep checking the weather and we get promises of rain which then are withdrawn 2-3 days before they are to materialize. They are calling for it tomorrow afternoon. Earlier it looked like rain all week, now it is just a couple of days. At least it will be cooler.

I hate this. It makes me feel panic-y. Not just because we have lots of precious shrubs and plants that will die, but that we seem to be getting more and more droughts and things don't seem to be changing. People still take long showers, run tiny loads of dishes and laundry, and expect there to be water every time they turn the tap. It won't last, but we seem to be in the same denial that we are with oil.


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