Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hal a freakin' luja

So I think the duck is now well on her way to being better. No doubt it is all due to the SB's dedicated physical therapy regime. Several times a day he would stretch her foot and toes. That and the antibiotics and the neosporin seem to have put us on the path to health. As a reward for all the time and energy we have been spending, we got 10 eggs this morning. From 9 ducks. I don't know how that happens.... But whatever. The duck still isn't strong enough to be loose with the others. Ducks don't know the meaning of personal space and so just run over one another willy nilly. I am afraid her good leg will be injured if she is left out in the fray. But hopefully it won't be long. Now that she is feeling better she is considerably less inclined to spend time quietly alone.

Big day at work tomorrow and Thursday. Hopefully after that a few days off to enjoy the beautiful weather and get the potatoes in the ground. The seedlings are coming up nicely in the basement and in the garden. We have a bit of leftover kale in the garden. We also have spinach, but every time the ducks get into the garden, they run right for it and eat all they can before I shoo them out.

So far the bees are OK, but I need to keep feeding them....