Sunday, April 4, 2010


So I have a teeny love/hate relationship with Spring. Most of it is Love... but....

A list. For SHG, as always.

Love sleeping with the windows open.
Hate moths.
Love linen.
Hate ironing.
Love gardening.
Hate being out of the sewing room.
Love spring color.
Hate hand washing sweaters.
Love getting rid of the draft stoppers.
Hate putting up the blue jeans.



Anonymous said...

I love ironing. And I also love washing my sweaters in the washing machine on delicate.

Elsie said...

You are welcome to my ironing any time.... I *MIGHT* be willing to risk my own sweaters, but not the SB's. Why am I washing his sweaters you ask.... because if I don't they will all lay about until they get moth eaten and then I will just have to mend them while he goes on about how all his sweaters are ruined. I choose the dishpan hands ;)