Monday, April 5, 2010

Pictures (woo hoo)

OK, and again with the try at photos... Still trying to figure out how to eject the photo card hookup with out getting the grey screen of death on the mac.

The obligatory seedlings. I am soooo far behind. Since it is going to be 90 degrees this week (WTF? Where did spring go?), maybe I'll just go ahead and put everything outside... (not)
The strawberries are blooming. WooT.

Getting ready to plant potatoes.
Some potatoes planted. They are in the troughs, then I will pull the extra soil over top of them as they grow and then continue pulling until the mounds turn into troughs. Clear, eh? Then I will put straw on top. Cuz we loves us some straw around here.

The garlic planted last fall. Since we finished up the garlic from last year about a month ago, I am TOTALLY looking forward to this. Sometime in June we should be ready. Last year I wove the ends through the garden fence and let it cure out there for a few days.

Gratuitous duck picture. The gimpy duck is still gimpy. She did get a chance to go out of the pen yesterday afternoon though for a while. There was much ecstatic duck mumbling on her part. She clearly can't keep up with the flock though. I let her out for a while this AM and brought her in for rest time after about half an hour. She just pushes herself a little more than I think is good for her when she is out. But motivation is good.

And the most exciting thing.... Yesterday we moved the garden fence so that we can start on the new beds. Look at all that space! Look at all that future back breaking work!! Just look!!

We won't be doing it all at once, but we are probably adding about 35-40% more space to the garden by the time all is said and done. Which we will need. Because I have a LOT of seed potatoes to put in. And all kinds of other goodies as well.



Tracey said...

Looks fantastic! Happy spring!

Elsie said...

I know that you know how excited I am, one gardener to another ;)