Sunday, March 21, 2010

No Progress

The duck is still not using her leg. The SB and I gave her a little more rigorous physical therapy last evening. Moving the leg back and forth and up and down but avoiding the joint that is swollen. I suppose there could be more than one problem...We'll keep working but I am back to not being very hopeful. She does seem a little more energetic. So maybe she will get bored with sitting and be motivated to try to move around more. Right now, she is in the garden. We have a bed that is covered in straw waiting to have potatoes planted in it. Until they arrive, it is both duck haven and heaven. She is searching under all the straw and finding delicious tidbits and lots of dirt. Sometimes, I think that ducks actually eat more dirt than anything else. It seems to work for them.

The rock moving went pretty well yesterday. I feel it today but am not nearly as sore as I expected. I guess that comes tomorrow. After moving more rocks today. It is always worse the second day. Oh well, better to be crippled at work than at home for the weekend.

I planted seeds yesterday. Lots of seeds. I'll post a list soon...

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