Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Side work

So over the weekend we had some kind of duck injury. One of the grey girls started limping. By the end of Saturday, we had to confine the lot to give her a rest. Usually a little confinement and some moderate exercise take care of any leg problems in a few days. This was different. By Sunday AM she couldn't put any weight at all on her leg, she was using her wing to brace herself for walking. We needed new measures. I confined her first to the pen with a few of her mates (who were less than excited about being part of the cure since the rest of the ducks were out frolicking in the mud puddles). Later I moved her to the duck house with her own food and water. Luckily we built the duck house so that there is an upper door that can be left open for ventilation and light.

I have been doing twice daily swim therapy with her (not swimming with her, just getting her to the water). I have a rubbermaid container filled with water and I put her in a couple times a day. The water is deep enough that her legs can move freely. The hurt appendage seems to move ok, but she still can't really put any weight on it. In the morning she can go a few steps before she lays down. Each morning it seems to be a few more, but the progress is s-l-o-w. From what I read on the internets, this could be several weeks. It could also never heal up I suppose. I am trying not to think too deeply on that score.

She doesn't seem to be in pain when she isn't using the leg and as yet, not too depressed to be inside while her compatriots are dashing about in the yard. She does look forward to their company, except for the boys who take advantage of the fact that she cannot outrun them at this point. Bastards.

Cross your fingers and hope for her speedy recovery. She is a lovely little thing. The only good part is that she is getting used to being handled. She doesn't love it, but tolerates me being around while she swims. She even nibbled on my sleeve this evening.

The dark mornings are not helping with the therapy program. Not enough light to swim before 7 and not much time after if I am going to make the bus. We do try to do a longer session in the evening....

The SB fears my obsession with the recovery.

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