Saturday, March 13, 2010


So I woke up yesterday to the simultaneous sounds of the cat wanting in, and the ducks wanting out. It was not yet 7AM and it was pouring, hence the enthusiasm for the cat to be in and the ducks to be out. No rest for the weary.

Thursday night was the first night of the spring peeper chorus. One of my favorite sounds forever and always bar none. This morning I saw a hawk eating something in the yard next door. I was glad it wasn't one of the ducks.

Thursday night was also the first night of the Latina speakeasy take out restaurant. Order ahead, pick up at the specified time. Pay what you will. Amazing. Delicious, and oh so nice to eat homemade food without having to shop cook or clean up. Plus it was a delightful surprise as we had no idea what we were having. Turned out to be fried plantains, stewed chicken and a citrus salad-y thing. Oh my.

Yesterday we drove out to the Valley for a pick up of duck food and pork. We managed to run into Maynard who totally hooked us up with a 10# pork belly, some unsliced hog jowls and a few other things.... pork tenderloin, ground pork, and a HUGE bag of chicken backs for stock. My freezer is bustin' at the seams. This makes me happy.

The ducks are in high form. We went from 4 eggs a day at the beginning of the week to 8 this morning. I am going to try to make some pasta. Today or tomorrow. Really, I know that I keep saying this but the situation will be desperate soon, so I do need to get on it ... Plus, who doesn't love fresh pasta. I found a simple and delightful sounding recipe in a book that I have that is basically a green olive and mint pesto. YUM.

We also need to eat some serious squash. We have two milk crates full in the basement that need to be used. I think we will roast some with our pork tenderloin and I hope to make some soup with the chicken stock from the Valley chicken. If you have good squash recipes, send me to them via the comments section.

Which brings me to the comments section.... Thanks to those of you who have left comments. I am going to have to remove the anonymous option as I think it will prevent some of the spammers from posting bogus crap. It is so demoralizing to see that there is a comment and then realize that it is someone's advertising spam.

Rejoice, for it is spring.

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