Sunday, February 28, 2010

Signs of Spring

1. The snow is melting, though the garden beds are still covered.
2. Monday there was no ice on the duck water. And I say three daffodils blooming on the hospital campus.
3. Tuesday I got two eggs!
4. Wednesday I got no eggs.
5. Thursday it was damp bone chilly and windy.
6. Saturday we got 6 eggs and the bluebirds were flying around the yard with some serious intent, of what I know not. The daffodil fronds are starting to come up.
7. Today I collected 4 eggs and shall feed the bees and watch the sun shine. I am encouraged that the bees are still taking short flights in the warm weather, though I know this is the most vulnerable time for them. I will keep stuffing them with sugar water and hope for the best. Last year I bought a bag of "pollen substitute" whatever that is. Apparently you made up little cakes of it for the bees and it provides extra protein for them while they increase the brood. Now would probably be the time to get rolling on that as April is when things start blooming and I think it takes about a month to raise a bee. Cross your fingers for the little ladies. Not only is it a big setback to start all over again honey-wise, it is freakin' expensive at $65/3# box. They need all the help they can get right now. Especially since I am still in the steep learning curve of beekeeping.

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