Friday, February 5, 2010


Snowing again here at the Urban Farm and, of course, on the entire mid Atlantic. I am hoping for the lower end of the predictions, only 12-20 inches rather than the upper (around 40). The ducks are having their outing early so as to get a little exercise before the worst of it hits. Poor critters didn't get out much this week with the SB in NYC doing some work. I just hope I don't lose them in it... But that won't happen for another 20 inches or so.

I stocked up on milk (new farm, have I told you? So reliable. Milk is so ridiculously sweet and creamy - criminal really - there is plenty for hot chocolate), beef for stew (first time in months I have bought beef as I have been eating the cow my Dad raised and had butchered, but I couldn't get out there before the snow), wine (from my favorite wine shop) and I finally used my gift certificate from my local yarn store to score some new projects (needed like a hole in the head). And the pantry is full to bursting, so we should survive for the next 48 hours at least.

They closed the U last evening. I don't ever remember them doing that in advance of a storm. But I guess we were all very sure. Of course, even now the roads in town appear quite passable, but probably not so in the hinterlands.

I found this article in the NYT the other day. I thought you might enjoy reading about a psychic in Hell's kitchen who is giving shoe making lessons. As devastating at the recession is, it seems to be encouraging a creativity that I think our culture has been lacking for many a year. The innovation is inspirational. And I especially love that she has only two students at a time.

Thanks to another blogger, I found Kiva, which I love. Waiting for them to find partners in Haiti to continue the support there. Kiva lets you loan more or less directly to projects. And the money comes back to you (unless there is a default) with interest and then you can re-loan it. It is nice to know what you are supporting and you can make $25 go a really long way if you leap frog it from loan to loan.

I haven't even placed my seed order yet. Theoretically, we are 10 weeks from our last frost date, but is sure doesn't seem like it today. I think we are probably 10 weeks from seeing the dirt again, and who knows when things will dry out enough to plant, much less to dig the new beds we were hoping to put in.... Sigh.

I have resorted to sewing more summer outfits for the tiny ones.

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