Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Today I held a mini welcome reception for the bees. My mother, my neighbor and a dear friend came over for a little glass of wine and a meet and greet in the garden with the bees. I figured I had given them a polite space in which to settle in and now it was time for them to be charming and social. Did I forget to invite you? Sorry, it was sort of impromptu with the weather and all.

We also enjoyed a certain flower-that-shall-remain-nameless-for-the-express-purpose-of- not-calling-down-the-groundhog-gods-upon-it. Last year, the patch was decimated. This year, so far so good, but it is a day by day thing. Each day I go out and expect the patch to be mowed to the ground. I suppose you could make the argument that I enjoy them all the more for the fear of losing them.... but really... is that necessary? Would you argue that I enjoy my cat more for fearing he will be run over by a car (again)? Let's just say I don't really need that kind of joy in my life.

This is the flower whose name ye shall not speak nor write. If the ground hogs mow it all down, I am blaming you.

This is not, of course, my yard. I don't want to give THEM any ideas.

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