Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nothing Much In Particular

So, not a lot going on. Lots of rain over the weekend, which allowed me to plant lots of zinnias and sunflowers and set them out in the best conditions - damp, misty and overcast - so they had a chance to settle in before the heat of yesterday and today. I am talking relative heat. It was only about 70 today. Gorgeous. Perfect spring weather. I was late getting home from work so didn't get a chance to do much, but I pruned the new apple tree and picked a few flowers and then planted some okra and dill (for okra pickles - should I be so fortunate) and beans along with a few more beets since my success rate on those is low..... I did find out that beets like good soil contact when planted so I tried to work on that a bit in hopes of actually having some beets later in the summer. Fresh beets. Yum. And broccoli. The broccoli is coming along nicely. I'll probably get about 8 heads all at the same time. But, at this point, that hardly seems like a problem. Remind me later when I whine about it.

I am just on the brink of some really nice salad greens and I should probably start harvesting soon so I don't get overwhelmed. There is also kale and chard coming in. And the leeks are still alive. Go figure. My strawberries have blossoms on them (of course the few from last year are more heavily flowered and fewer), but there is hope of a handful or two for my yogurt at some point in the future. I ended up not pulling ALL the blossoms off my new blueberries, so, who knows, I may have a handful of them too before all is said and done.

I am letting the asparagus go this year without harvest. I think I have been too hard on it in the past, too much harvesting and not enough feeding. I'll give it the year off in hopes of a beautiful future.

And of course, I have the REALLY hard work. Of the bazillion varieties of tomatoes that I have, I have to pick two to place in my new pots by the door. Yes, my front door will be flanked this year by potted tomatoes, if they choose to participate. Now which kinds? I was thinking a nice salad type and a tiny type. Maybe Tigerella and Yellow Pear? Or a paste type and a salad type - like San Marzano and Marglobe? The infinite choices and combinations. Truly, it is paralyzing.

I'll need to peep in on the bees this weekend. I am sure they will be thrilled. It is remarkable how active they are in the warm weather. Quite a bit of coming and going out there.

There is a move afoot to build a chicken house next Tuesday. Cross your fingers and your toes and hope for good weather, because I think we are at it regardless of what befalls us weather wise. The time of the chicken has come.

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