Saturday, April 26, 2008

Flexibility is the Key to Mental Health

I have a busy weekend. Doing lots of fun things and lots of garden work. It is organized very tightly. Last night I was supposed to babysit, but the engagement was canceled. I didn't wisely get a jump on my projects. noooo. I read a magazine all night.

Today, I have been getting much done in the kitchen and errand-ing. I went to the market with Mama, and was surprised by the first strawberries of the season. I bought two quarts and plan to eat every last one by myself. Maybe next week I will be more reasonable. I SCORED big at a yard sale with a vintage chandelier (maybe from the 20s?) made of concentric rings with billions of glass dangley things.... $5. For that, I might just put it in the chicken house if the SB doesn't love it as much as I do.

I met a friend for coffee and he is lending me a drill so that I can drill holes in my beehive inner cover. (If you remember, the bees have built comb on this that I don't want to destroy, but the cover has one large whole in the center and the bees are going to need better access throughout.) Drill scored, I came home and puttered around. I put a bunch of tomatoes in. In the pots are Crimson Carmello and Persimmon. Then, near the front door is the Yellow Pear, Aunt Lucy's Paste and New Zealand Paste. A little further along the bank are some more, shoe horned in around our rudbekia. I managed to get in Black Krim, Tigerella, Grandma Mary's Paste, Costoluto Genovese, Green Zebra, Wonder Light, Black Plum Paste, Marvel Stripe, Russian Big Roma and San Marzano. I may be able to fit in a few more if I extract some of the Rudbekia. Why, you may ask does one, possibly two and at tops three people need more than 15 tomato plants? Just don't ask. I am willing to bet that there will be no problem with too many tomatoes. They will be stolen by groundhogs or the neighborhood urchins or some other horrible fate will befall them. It is my lot in life. I must battle on.

After this I started winding my way toward the bees by way of some hand washing of winter sweaters, boiling eggs, making tea, and a hundred other little chores. I was all suited up and had just coaxed the smoker into producing huge clouds of cool gray smoke when the rain started. Now the bees are going to be cranky. I may have to check the weather and wait for tomorrow.

In the meantime, there is bread to bake and some hemming to do. I have about 5 pairs of summer pants that need hemming. I am desperately tired of black and ready for a wardrobe infusion. And there are perennials to start, salad greens to oggle a whole lotta weeding to do.

And there is still hope for the bees, though the thunder continues....


starrhillgirl said...

No, no, no you did not get all that done before 11 am. *sigh* and I was all proud that I had done some laundry, mopped the hallway and summer-ized the wood stove area before I gave in to the call of the couch.

Do you want some hens n' chicks? The plant, not the animal. I have lots.

cho-girl said...

oooo! I want to see your chandelier!
And your strawberries *jealous!*