Saturday, April 5, 2008


I went to my last bit of bee learnin' today. We had a final class meeting where they showed us how to install a package of bees .... Um. Done that. And they also showed us how to inspect a hive. Have not yet done that. It is fascinating to see those guys work.... No gloves. Makes sense, the gloves are pretty awkward, but still.... Maybe in a couple of months when the bees get used to me...

I went out and gave them food yesterday evening after work. They didn't exactly thank me, but they didn't panic. And consequently, I did not panic. Tomorrow may be a little different story when I have to crack the whole hive open and go rummaging around. I have to put food inside the hive box, put a few frames in the current box, examine the frames that are in there for signs of an active queen (eggs, larvae) and see how the bees are coming along with the wax making. If they are super speedy, I will add more space/frames for them to make comb. Since I won't be able to take pictures, you'll have to settle for a lurid description.

I transplanted my cosmos and some sunflowers into the garden today. I must admit I am a first class procrastinator when it comes to avoiding mowing. Really. I could give lessons. I also transplanted some other seedlings into bigger pots. Poked around at a little weeding. Stood in the middle of the yard and turned circles wondering which way to go next. So much to do. So little time.

I also made bread. Mmmm. The house smells sooooo good.

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