Sunday, March 9, 2008

OK, I am back

The SB left Friday for Silver Springs and a visit with friends and some homework assignment. I didn't do much Saturday. The weather was a little nasty. Continued rain makes the blueberry project more likely next weekend. I did go visit a friend who is having back pain issues. She just got some kind of injection that is supposed to help, but it is one of those worse before it gets better things. I went over to distract her and go on a short cold windy walk which may actually have helped if just to dispel the nausea temporarily. In exchange, I was plied with delicious treats sent by her mother from Bangladesh. Salty cookies (like shortbread), toasts and a toasted pound cake kind of thing plus the stuff she says "is like chex mix" - a curried snack mix with peanuts, rice stix and a few other things that I don't think are generally available here. Oh, and lemon tea.

I decided on my way to the grocery store that I would try to spend only $30 on groceries. This as a result of throwing out way too much food lately. I could have done it if I didn't have to buy cat food and candy for the candy dish I keep at work. The candy dish is theoretically optional, but the cat food isn't. If we are out of cat food, Kitty tends to "remind" me that he is hungry by snagging my pants (or leg - you wonder why I don't wear skirts much?) as I walk by. The longer the bowl is empty, the more insistent the reminders, until they involve both teeth and claws... Sort of like exclamation points. It is cheaper to buy cat food than replace my wardrobe.

Later today I go to my Pop's to do an inventory of bee equipment so I can place my order. for the things I will need. The last weekend in March. So very soon.

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