Sunday, March 23, 2008

Diggin' in the dirt

I spent yesterday in the garden an in pursuit of garden. First thing in the morning, I added peat moss and aluminum sulfate (soil acidifier)to the blueberry bed and dug that up. I had a lot of digging to do yesterday, so I wanted to spread it out as much as possible. So I went for coffee and then to Southern States for fencing and a couple other necessities. Which I didn't realize were necessities until I got there. But I bought a half pound of onion sets, and some copper and sulfur to spray on the fruit trees. Then I went to the local butcher and got a local chicken and some local cheese at the over priced store next door. I also stopped by the place where the CSA drops off milk and eggs and I am considering a milk share.

All this local food stuff tanks to the lb, who talked me into reading Animal Vegetable Miracle. We were discussing it in the posh wine shop where she works. She said she thought I would like it. I said, I don't need another project. I think she described it then as something like absurdly inspirational. Though probably more eloquently. She said it will make you want to make your own cheese. So I picked it up last week. My list of projects is growing. Rhubarb? I don't have any rhubarb.... And yes, I want to check into the cheese thing. And I want to go to the farmers market, though it isn't open yet and I want my seeds to get their little roots in gear and start growing. And the thought of being overwhelmed by squash in July sounds almost romantic right now. I need a heat source, I need a greenhouse I need for my seedling heat mats to last for more than a year.

Happy Easter. The violets are blooming and they are calling for a chance of snow tonight.

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