Friday, March 14, 2008

Clean Slate

I took the day off work to plant my garden. Well at least to start planting. There was quite a bit of digging that had to be done first. Actually before the digging was removal of the existing iris, the toting of horse poop, application of various other organic supplements etc. In our best bed, the digging isn't really hard. This is the Chocolate Cake Bed. The blueberry bed was a little tougher, though smaller. I had to remove a bunch of very tenacious grass, then proceed with the above, minus iris. It is getting there. Not ready to plant yet.

But here is the chocolate cake bed. Free of iris for the first time in 2 years.

Want a bite? Actually, it would be more appetizing without the very occasional but very identifiable horse turds.

I transplanted the leeks. I thought I would have tons leftover, but I just planted them close together - so you missed out if you were angling for some.... I also put out some of my broccoli and parsley (all from seed thankyouverymuch) and boosted them up with something called ROOTS that is supposed to help transplants. I was definitely on the early side for these guys, so I wanted to give them all the help I could. I planted 20 strawberries as well. Then I started with the seeds.

For the first time ever, I make a plan for the garden. Hopefully this will assist with the 4 bushels of kale and no place to put the tomatoes problem. Of course, the extra beds put together by the SB will allow for a little branching out.... Watermelon mojitos anyone?

All assuming I can do something about the critters.....

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