Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Leeks! Yay! I just planted these little critters a week or so ago, and already I have sprout-age. I am hoping for no damping off since the basement is somewhat chilly. But I did plant a fair number, so with some luck I should be making some bang up vichyssois next fall.

I am also trying desperately to finish some unfinished projects. I started this more than a year ago for one of my friends who chose not to find out if her baby was a boy or a girl prior to the birth. Turns out, it was a boy, and this project came to a screeching halt, despite being very close to completion. Another friend is expecting a girl in March, so I finished it up for new Baby W. It is a yummy merino alpaca blend. Better than the cotton angora blend I used for the sweater I made for her brother. Moist children and angora just don't blend well.


cho-girl said...

it makes me all rashy and furbally just thinking about it.

cho-girl said...

drool and wool that it. The sweater is gorgeous.