Saturday, February 9, 2008

Catching up.

Wow. A long time since the last post. Spent last weekend in B-burg with the SB. He was in something of a funk and I went down to offer moral support and kick his butt out into the fresh air. We went for a nice walk along this lovely creek/small river. The water was green and cold and running fast after the recent snow/ice. It was lovely. Then we went to this place for dinner, where they have some very tasty fried chicken.

That was about all for last weekend. No garden work, but quite a bit of knitting. I am working on another shawl. From this pattern, but modified. I have already knit a couple from the pattern and it was time for a change. The edges are going to be very holey/lacy. Should be interesting. It is alpaca in a heathery blue. Soft and pretty.

Bee keeping class is going well. I am excited to learn that they are going to offer people mentors. That should be helpful. I am ordering bees next week. That means installation at the end of March. Not so very far away.... Anyone want to volunteer to document? I don't think I can install and photograph at the same time....

Yesterday I went to Warrenton to see a friend and then came home and Cho-girl, StarrHill Girl, my house mate and I made Valentines. If I only had that many sweet hearts! We had lovely cheese, wine, hot toddies (thanks to StarrHill Girl who is a wiz with such things)bread, pate, nuts, fruits, yum...

Today I started more bread, planted some leeks, parsley and lavender, and sprinkled bone meal where my daffodils should be coming up. I did some other cooking-type stuff, a chili-ish thing to try to use up some of the million tortillas that seem to collect in my fridge and never ever go bad... I am also trying to clean up. My house is a constant disaster. I am beginning to suspect that I have to actually do some cleaning during the week in order to NOT spend my entire weekend at it. What is up with that? Who has the time/energy to clean after work? I think I am in good shape if I get my dinner dishes cleaned up and the junk mail recycled daily.

I also had a quick visit from the KingPin and the IC since I missed the walk in the park with them (RATS!).


cho-girl said...

I am your Queen. Your Queen of Picture Taking.
Yey! Bees!

Elsie said...

Oh goody! Maybe one of the boys will like to help me with this when I get things up and running.