Monday, October 20, 2008

Putting things away

In addition to my flurry of cooking over the weekend, I also picked a bunch of mint which is drying in the basement and made a batch of tomatillo sauce for the freezer. I still have more tomatillos, but I ran out of onions. I think I am going to plan on canning some of those buggers next year. They really seem to be one of the few stars in the garden. Tonight I just picked a bunch of greens. I have started reading this blog. I know, I know, why did it take me so long? After all everyone is doing it... the truth is, I don't really want to be tempted to spend more time in front of the computer, but.... this weekend being cold and all. Anywho, I was inspire by this post. And this one. What could be simpler? I can make pasta, and in a couple more weeks I should have enough spinach.

I am somewhat concerned about the manic squirrels. They are digging in my pots and in the garlic bed. I don't *think* they are eating the bulblets I planted, but who knows? I guess I would have to smell their breath. They are definitely tearing up the lettuce pots. Bastards.

I have some garbanzo beans cooking downstairs for hummus. To go with my "crackers" and to use up some lemons that are getting a little worse for wear. Who exactly is going to eat all this food people? I realized yesterday that I could happily spend days in the kitchen if I didn't have a real job that requires me to actually be present....

Oh, and I get to designate 2 people to receive free subscriptions to Organic Gardening if I renew my subscription. Anyone interested? Email me or leave a comment with your contact info.

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