Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So for lunch today I had some of my bacon/onion/greens saute over some leftover homemade pasta with a splash of homemade chicken stock to keep everything moist.

I plan on attending the Vintage Virginia Apple Festival this weekend to stock up on winter things like apples and cider. Many of the City Market folks will be there, so I am hoping for pork and cheeses as well. I wish I had an outlet a little closer to Thanksgiving....I think it would be great to do a locally infused holiday dinner. I am sure some of ours will be. The SB keeps asking me if there will be enough potatoes left by then to make mashers for our guests. He is still swooning over the super simple meal we made while he was home, fresh bread just out of the oven, hamburgers from grass fed beef, homegrown green beans and mashed potatoes with our own leeks (the sour cream and butter added didn't hurt.) I think he is hoping to recreate some of this for our celebration. I guess it sort of depends on how many are on the guest list. And I guess I should start thinking about the turkey. It really isn't that far away.


LB said...

Man, you were in and out quick. I think I saw you as blur running by then you were gone!

Elsie said...

Yeah, I expected it to be some smallish event. I was a little overwhelmed.