Sunday, October 26, 2008


So funerals always make me philosophical. Today was no exception, though I didn't know the guy well. My neighbor G. wanted to go, and I went with her. We decided to have dinner together this evening afterwards. I find that you get more and more philosophical after a couple of gin and tonics (in my case gin and bitter lemon- highly recommended) and a splitting a bottle of wine. Luckily, G. lives right around the corner so I didn't have to drive. I contributed to dinner some fingerling spuds and a leek and she did the chicken and booze and some bok choy with the leek. I made out like a bandit.

Today I also put my yarn in the "dye bath" from the walnuts. Leaving it there to see how it goes. I may add some more walnuts depending on how things look tomorrow.

I also made the last batch of tomatillo sauce which I stuck in the freezer. And I fixed up a mess 'o greens with some bacon and onion ready for the addition of a little pasta. And I made some chicken stock with some chicken backs and necks and the leftover onion and garlic wrappers and a little celery and carrot. And some leek greens. I am sure I will find a million uses for it. I always feel rich when I have homemade stock in the fridge.

I also harvested some honey :) From the part of the hive that the bees wouldn't get to regardless - so don't think I am taking from them something they could use. My gut still tells me that they aren't going to make it, but I am giving it my best shot... I looked at the hive today, and they have taken some of the syrup, but not nearly what I would like to see. And with the upcoming cold weather, I don't know if they will be eating much. I'll keep you posted.


cho-girl said...

this made me think of you:

not entirely on-topic. But i suppose you did at least mention bees.

Elsie said...

Wow. That is VERY cool. I am afraid it will give the SB some ideas....