Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Comments

Hi all - I fixed the blog so that you can leave comments even if you aren't a google blooger type. And I loves me some comments so dig in.

So yesterday I posted about the bees and got a nice encouraging email from TC who tells me there is still hope. I got this around 10:30 and so I dashed downstairs and made more syrup for the bees. He says feed pollen too, so I ordered that today. We'll see. Some hope is better than no hope. Thanks TC!

So as a warm up to the FUF, I went out to feed my "livestock" this AM. The current livestock being the bees. I will tell you, when the alarm went off, I greeted the day as would any urban farmer who had stayed up a wee bit too late making sugar syrup in the kitchen and woke up to a freezing cold house on a dark morning. I hit snooze a couple times and told myself it would be OK if I went to work late. I mean, I had a bee emergency and all. Then I figured that would be pushing my luck. So I dragged my ass out of bed, showered and had a discussion with myself about whether or not I should put on my veil and gloves to go put the feeder on the top of my hive. Normally, in making these big decisions I rehearse the conversation that I might have with the Emergency Room Doctor on such occasions:
ERD: "So, you're pretty stung up there, how did that happen?"
ME: "Well, I pulled the top of my bee hive off"
ERD: "On purpose?"
ME: "Yeah, I had to feed them."
ERD: "Don't you have a mask?"
ME: "Oh, sure, I walked right past it on the way out the door, but you know, it was cold and I figured the bees wouldn't be up yet."
ERD: "Well, good thing it was cold and that the runner on the street could spot your red coat, otherwise the poison might have been worse and blah blah blah....."

After this, I ask myself, "On a scale of 1 to 10, how dumb am I going to feel having that conversation?" The answer here was pretty high, but I did it anyway. Really, I usually listen well to my Dumb Scale Calculator, but this AM it really was COLD, and I was in a hurry. And I was right. Which does not bode well for the dumb scale future if I can get away with stuff like this....

Anyway, I am grateful for the input. And now that the comments aren't restricted anymore, you can all give me LOTS of advice!


LB said...

Woo hooooo!
Cause I'm readin this thing all the time. I don't have any bee advice. Sorry. Though i do wonder if you have looked up vanilla beans yet and also, I need to call the nuns again to see if there is any local Gouda to be had!

Elsie said...

I HAVE done some data collection on the vanilla. I just haven't analyzed it yet! There are quite a few options, need to look at the shipping etc. Hopefully this weekend.