Saturday, May 10, 2008


So last night I was practicing ... For the day when, as a legitimate urban farmer, I will have to slaughter something. I know it will happen, from injury, illness, or perhaps a need to eat the victim. I have no doubt at some point, I will need to kill, on purpose, one of my charges.

Last evening, the time came for the pumpkin - the B.I.G pumpkin. The hour arrived and we began our long march to the kitchen counter. Thankfully, it was quick. No struggling (at least, not by the pumpkin, personally I was working up a sweat). And after the top was removed, it was clear, the pumpkin's condition was terminal. The seeds inside had already begun to sprout. (I say already, but I had had the fool thing since October.) The pumpkin was so huge, I had to cook it in 2 batches. While it was cooking I scoured cookbooks for pumpkin recipes. A lamb tangine, some breads, pumpkin soup, etc. The first batch came out (approximately 5-6 pounds of pumpkin). I tasted it despite it being hot-hot from the oven. I instantaneously began to wish that I had chickens who would enjoy the pumpkin much more than I was going to. It has absolutely NO flavor. It is lovely and orange though. I spent a good part of the day whirling the cooked stuff in the food processor and draining it so that I can add it to things with flavor so as not to miss out on all the exceptionally nutritious pulp. I am going to try a pumpkin corn bread. I'll let you know how that goes.

Also made in the kitchen today (I spent the entire day there) - (Starrhill Girl, this list is for you):

Magic Bread
Chicken Stock
Chicken Salad
Lamb/spinach/pumpkin saute. I am trying to decide if I can put this in ravioli and if so, what sauce I will put on it...

Wish me luck. And if you are excited about pumpkin in May, come on by. Perhaps I will think of a way to make some Popsicles from it.


starrhillgirl said...

What is this magic bread? I must know.

Elsie said...

The one from the NYT that EVERYONE is making. Including you I think. I just call it Magic Bread because it is so unbelievably easy and remarkably successful with so little work....