Friday, May 2, 2008

Enter Impatience, Stage Right

So this is the time of year that I start to get antsy. The tomatoes are in, but not doing much. They are waiting for night time temperatures to be consistently in the 50s. The spring things are coming slowly. I have lettuce and some radishes now. I don't like radishes. The kale is slllooowww. The strawberries are little green knots of seeds. The broccoli are all leaf. The leeks are leeking. Cukes are just two large oblong leaves. The blueberries are little rock hard green things. The bees are still a year off from honey that I can do anything with.... The grass seems to be the only thing really growing fast enough for me, and it could just go ahead and step off a bit. Just sayin'.

My chickens may be in residence by the end of summer. At least, that is the goal. The Chicken Posse helped build the first chicken house the other day. It was actually more of a reassembly job, but it went well and was followed by pizza and beer, the way all good jobs should be. I am hoping my chickens can camp there until my house and run get built. It is one of the top items on the SB's list when he returns. That and a garden party. Which definitely needs to be first so that we can beat the mosquitoes. Things in the yard become considerably less fun with heat and mosquitoes.

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