Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Less Sweltering

Ok, so a lot happens in a week around here. And you know what that means....Yes! A list.

1. FAB.U.LOUS weekend weather. Cool overcast and not humid. Near heaven.
2. Potatoes harvested. Woot.
3. Ginger beer made from this recipe.
4. Dark and Stormy s made with above ginger beer and dark rum. It is the go to cocktail of the rest of the summer. Kill.Er.
5. The SB got three free truckloads of dirt. Woot! For projects. Woot!
6. Dried tomatoes are almost done. At least the first round. We have lots. Yay.
7. WTF?
8. I bought a set of popsicle forms. I am starting with iced tea/lemon/honey popsicles. I'll keep you posted.
9. I think La Michaicano has closed. Which blows.
10. I thought I had a sick duck last week. Blew a day of vacation running around looking for someone to give me antibiotics without dragging a duck into the vet. Luckily she got better on her own.
11. Trying to make mint ice cream.
12. I have some major freakin' welts on me. Chiggers? GAH!
13. Thinking of making white peach liqueur
14. We sheet mulched the garden paths with cardboard. At least some of them
15. Found a nice guy in the country who is happy to get rid of his old horse poop and will load it into the truck with a front end loader. Free. We are going back as much as possible while we have my Pop's truck.
16. Nice people rock and we met several this weekend.
17. Sometimes 2 gin and tonics and some bread pudding can count for dinner. It is O.K., especially when combined with good company.
18. There is no smell like the smell of tomato vines. Get out there and enjoy it while you can. Tomato season is WAY TOO SHORT.

Sheesh. So much. Want to know the back story on any of the above let me know. Too overwhelming to think about describing them all. Summer is some kinda busy!


Heather said...

Must try that ginger beer recipe. It looks simple enough and I've been meaning to make it for ages.

Elsie said...

Super easy! And so so yummy. Let me know how it goes. Our biggest challenge is that it has to go in the fridge after 2-3 days or it could explode. Our fridge space is limited in the best of times and especially during the garden season. Oh well, guess that just means we need to drink it sooner rather than later.