Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On Projects

So this weekend was totally chock full of projects. Friday night we moved gravel (at 10 PM, to the delight of the neighbors no doubt) to install the second half of a patio under our 2nd story back porch. The first half went in about 4 years ago, so it was nice to get done. It is less perfect than the first half, but done is a beautiful thing.

Then we spent a big chunk of Saturday and Sunday cutting up and moving a bunch of cedar trees to turn them into fence posts and a goat shed. Luckily the weather was good. And luckily, I found this amazing recipe for cucumber agua fresca. I made something pretty similar. Anyway you do it is probably just as delicious. You really get the cucumber/melon connection when you make this. And it is refreshing as you could want on a hot day. Add lots of ice and serve it very very cold.

In addition to two truck loads of cedar posts we also brought home a hefty load of chiggers. Dammit.

Sunday I also picked up a bushel of peaches from one of our local orchards. Last night, half a bushel made their way into the freezer. All after a trip to Nelson County to pick up additional siding from the same batch we used for the duck house. We are swimming in building materials (much to the delight of our neighbors, no doubt).

On Monday, August 16 at 7PM, City Council will be considering the change in ordinance to allow for miniature goats in the city. Meghan, at the Goat Justice League has done an amazing job in putting this all together. I'll be attending the meeting and hopefully not speaking. If you want to be supportive, come out and be counted, or send an email to council at charlottesville dot org and let them know how you feel.

I have high hopes for a change in ordinance. I am trying to do research on goats as we consider our options and muster our financial resources.

Currently I am reading Goat Song. It is a really lovely book. After the first few chapters, the author lapses into a dairy diary he kept with info and musings. One of the things that totally resonates with me is the idea of caring for animals as meditation. It is habitual, ritualistic and directly deals with life and food and death and shit. I do find tending ducks to be something of a walking meditation. It is the same every day but also totally different. Delightful, heartbreaking, soothing and stressful.

Loving these guys. Great summer produce ideas and directions, can't wait to give it a try. Hopefully, I'll end up with enough jam or something to pass around. (much to the delight of the neighbors, no doubt)

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