Saturday, January 12, 2008


So, when the SB is here, I have no time to post. When he isn't I am so boring it is hardly worth it. The weather has been faboo, so I moved more black-eyed Susans around. Started this bread which comes highly recommended from Cho-girl by way of Starr Hill Girl. The dough is not shaggy though. It is more like a sponge. I guess I can always add more flour later. And because I cannot leave a recipe alone? I used one cup wheat, one cup white and one cup spelt flour. More later on this.

Yesterday I traced out a pattern that I got on ebay. I am having a hard time deciding what to make it out of. Everything that is light enough is too see through. I could make a slip to go with it, but....

Here it is, isn't it cute?

And guess what I just did? Made button holes. First time. Really. Carpe diem.

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cho-girl said...

i am coming over to see the cut out cuteness.
and button-holes? aren't you something!