Monday, January 21, 2008

Did you know?

So yesterday when it was too cold to go out and I was feeling crappy with a cold (I am sure I got it from one of my very small friends) I started looking at the garden calendar. Did you know that as of Friday January 25, we are only 12 weeks from our last frost date? Do you know what that means? That, people, means that I need to get my butt in gear and start my leeks. Luckily, I ordered some new seed starting products which are currently in route..... The 72 cell wonder. I got, um, several of these. Along with carrying trays for them and a bunch of pots that are a little larger that I can pot things up into when they out grow the tiny cells (for the perennials I am sure that I am going to grow). My basement is a little cold at this point, but I do have heating mats from a former pre-spring splurge. A little plastic covering for the seed starting rack that the SB built me for my birthday one year and I should be in good shape. Since my potting soil is currently frozen. I may need a run to Southern States on Saturday morning.

Next Thursday, I start my beekeeping class. Yup, this is VERY exciting. Apparently, the class fills quickly, so I am glad I got a space. I am going to install a hive in my backyard this spring. I plan to plunder my Dad's garage and get what I can from his supplies and then order the rest. Over the holiday the SB and I picked out a space for them. I think they will be hap there in the upper lawn.

After bees it is chickens. You thought I had forgotten about the Chick Collective, didn't you? Nope. The building talent just had a baby - a new chick as a matter of fact. We are going to be doing some research. I thought this was an interesting price list. You have to get a LOT of eggs to make the henspa worth it. I love how it says "The yard maintenance people can easily move it every 2-3 weeks to refresh the litter." Uh, yeah. Add the staff to the $3500 price tag and the eggs get REALLY expensive. It might be worth it to have a few of these wandering around. It looks like a muppet to me....

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Sian said...

Yer f-ing cute! I'm not talking to the bird, either.