Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Do you ever have moments when you feel like the world has caught up to you. No more bobbing and weaving. No more happy go lucky. Everything is due today. Or yesterday. The stuff you knew about and procrastinated on and the stuff that you didn't know about and is a huge emergency. All due. Today. Or yesterday. And. You. Are. Screwed.

Ever have that happen?

This is my week. And it is only Tuesday. I am afraid to look at my email.

This is the price I pay for a nice week off with the SB. Who is now gone. Back to Maryland to work on the lighting project with H & D. I can only imagine the debauchery.

But while the SB was home, he rearranged our yard. He moves shrubbery like most people move furniture. But maybe more often.

I can't wait for more warm weather to get back out and put flowers in. We have hundreds, nay thousands, of black-eyed Susans that reseed like crazy. They always come up in the vegetable garden and I hate to throw them out, but there is a limit on how many of this things one can use. Did I mention the birds love the seeds? Do you want some? Just holler. There are.... well let's just say that I have enough to share.

I am frothing to start seeds. I did get my leek seeds, so I may start those this weekend. I am hoping the deer and groundhogs mistake them for those yard onions and leave them alone. Hope springs eternal.

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