Sunday, July 8, 2012


The heat wave that has hit the central and eastern US is still with us for another day or so.  The temps are near or over 100 the past few days.  In the upper 90s and around 100 for the seven previous days.  We have turned the AC on.  This is not something we normally do.  But some of us get a wee bit cranky when we are trying to sleep and can't because we are drowning in our own sweat.  All hail modern technology.  I really feel for the folks who have been out of power for the last 8 days.  Most days I could have probably made it without AC by moving slow and drinking cold drinks and sitting in front of the fan.  Subtract the fan and the ice and I would be toast.  You folks who have toughed it out are impressive.  I, on the other hand, am a pansy.  The weather people say that this all starts to break up tonight and tomorrow and we will have a week that is back in the 80s.  The prediction is for the low 80s on Tuesday.  When I went to the farmer's market on Saturday, everyone was talking about Tuesday in awed tones as if it was a holiday.

I have high hopes that the Canadian cold front that is up to relieve us from the heat may also bring us rain.  We have been watering like crazy over the past few weeks.  All the wee thunderstorms have missed us and things are dry.  Really dry.  The ailanthus is starting to wilt.  We are lucky that the soil here is good and sucks up water quickly.  We can have a lot of impact with our watering as not much rolls off.  Still, our water bill will be staggering.  Along with the electric bill for the AC.

And of course on top of that, is the vet bill for the cat who is very likely dying.  Liver failure.  Probably permanent, but possibly temporary.  We are treating him as if it is temporary, though I don't hold out much hope.  He is lethargic, but doesn't seem to be in pain, so that is good.  I'll have my first experience giving subcutaneous fluids today.  I suspect it will be a lot messier than we think.  But it can't be much worse than trying to get cat food in his mouth with a syringe.  I already changed clothes once today.

The garden is doing remarkably well considering the drought. We are getting cukes, tomatillos, a few peppers and summer squashes.  Tomatoes have to be coming soon... Cucumber agua fresca is just around the corner. 

Ducks hold up to the heat remarkably well.  The little ducks are now convinced they are big enough to play with the big ducks.  The big ducks have no interest.  Sound familiar?  Oh, Teh Drama.

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