Sunday, July 22, 2012


Yesterday the temps didn't get out of the 70s and we had on and off rain all day.  These days in the summer are some that I look forward to with great anticipation.  They are a relief from oppressive heat and anxiety about my garden and my animals.  We don't use the AC much around here, but when we do, I feel completely disconnected from the outside world, and that makes me uncomfortable.  I love the comfort of the AC in the blasting sticky heat of summer and it means that I can actually sleep instead of tossing around trying to find a cool spot on the pillow.  But it has its price.  This weekend was a gift.  A sweet reminder of the other 9 -10 months of the year that are mostly just plain glorious.

Another gift came my way recently too.  You won't believe it.  I actually won something.  I did.  Me.  I won a giveaway from a blog of some seeds.  How cool is that?  Pretty cool.  I waited by the mail box like a love sick teenager (back when people corresponded by letter) until the packet came.  I am planting them this weekend.  Annie's is not a seed company that I have any experience with, so I will keep you posted.  They do have very charming seed packets with some good info on them.  I was looking at the packets of seeds and roughly calculated 1500 seeds for the collection.  That is a lot of vegetables.  It makes me feel like I shouldn't just scatter them willy nilly around in the garden and then ruthlessly thin.  It is amazingly wasteful.  But I have tried the individual planting cells for each seed and I find that often transplants don't do as well in side by side comparison.  The dilemmas....

And of course, the final gift, carefully disguised as ANOTHER vet bill is the news that all the cat's liver functioning is totally back to normal, which means that his liver failure was temporary and there is no reason to believe that he will not survive to aggravate us long into the future.

Happy day.

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