Saturday, July 23, 2011

9:00 AM.

I just came in from the garden. I don't think I will be going back out if I can help it. Drenched and dirty and it is already 90 degrees. The livestock seems unconcerned, though I did let the ducks out early so they can be in the water.

I let the goats out yesterday around 6:30 PM, when the temperature had dropped to about 97. The fool animals were galloping around the yard like hooligans. I could hardly stand to watch but they were so stinkin' funny looking while they were doing it I couldn't really resist.

The garden is in very sad shape. The summer stuff bug eaten or crisped by lack of rain and the fall stuff not yet brave enough to germinate.

The heat won't keep us from work on the milking cottage. We had been calling this structure the goat barn, but it is so not barn like that I changed it to the milking cottage. Barns don't have cute Victorian style screen doors on them. You'll see when it is done. Yes, you will. Because I finally got a phone with a camera in it. So I can take some pictures. Now if I can just remember to take my phone with me....

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Victoria said...

C'mon, give us some pictures, tout de suite! Sending kisses to my dear friend Misha, who has been scandalously neglected on this blog since those other (far less interesting) creatures arrived.