Monday, April 18, 2011

Everything else

Since you have heard more than you probably care to about goats lately, I will tell you of other things...

We are eating spinach, arugula, chard and mustard greens out of the garden. Along with some radishes.

Getting up 30 minutes early is killing me.

I don't really need to get up 30 minutes earlier just to feed goats, but I am a terrible judge of timing. So I am exhausted.

The ducks are goofy and laying between 6 and 8 eggs a day. Luckily, we can sell them to the diner. I seem to forget that I don't really use a lot of eggs when the weather is warm, because I usually use them in baking. And I don't do that much when the temperature is above 60.

I am exceedingly tired of stink bugs.

I planted cucumbers on Sunday in front of the duck house in hopes that the vines will give summer shade.

My garden needs some serious weeding.

The SB built a trellis for the peas and beans, and was gifted a very cute garden bench by a friend. The bench is now, surprise, in the garden. So we can sit there and drink wine. Ooh. How nice.

The potatoes are coming up.

The ducks ate all the sorrel, but I am hoping it comes back now that I have moved it to the front yard. The rhubarb is still alive and doing remarkably well.

OK, about to pass out now, off to round up the current crop of stink bugs and retire for the evening.

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