Thursday, April 28, 2011

Double Ugh

We tried today to lance the duck's foot. Succeeded in making an incision but not in getting out the cyst, or whatever it is. I gave in and called a vet. Of course, the one who is up for odd animals is out of town. Now we have a duck with an open foot and no treatment options. The vet is supposed to call me back tomorrow and see if there is any advice after they do some research. Which probably means reading the same blog posts that I did. At this point though, I am happy to pay someone else to take responsibility. The SB (who did the cutting), the duck (who did the insanity inducing consta-quack) and I (who did the maniacal irrigating with sterile saline solution) are all ready to have the pros take over. Crikey. That is some grim work.


becca said...

our vet off of 5th street treated chickens when we first moved here - possibility?

becca said...

oh, and ew. you would think after the MRSA, I could stomach such things, but nope. no, and uh-uh.

Elsie said...

Thought about calling you guys in for back up figuring this would be a piece of cake after the MRSA deal.

Actually, that is the vet I have called. They have been super duper nice and gone out of their way to be helpful.