Friday, February 27, 2009


I haven't decided what to do about the car yet. I am ignoring it right now in hopes that the best decision will make itself clear. Right now, I am pretty clear that I don't want to spend $8,000 on a used car. When did they get so flippin' expensive?

I took the day off Friday. Thursday evening I moved the strawberry plants from the vegetable beds where they have been for a few years and into the blueberry beds. Hopefully that makes everything easier. It is inconvenient to have perennial stuff in annual beds. I fed all the transplants some Roots and hoping for some rain over the next few days.

I also planted a bunch of summer stuff Friday as well. Black plum paste tomatoes, a hot pepper mix from Burpee, San Marzano Paste tomatoes, fennel, best boy, marglobe and yellow pear tomatoes, AiQwa Ai Gua and Rosa Bianca eggplant, Italian Pesto and Eritrean Basil, Red Cherry and Hungarian Wax peppers, Cisineros Grande and Toma Verde tomatillo and Hill Country Heirloom Red Okra. It feels a little early, but my handy calendar says we are really only 8 or so weeks from last frost.

My onions and leeks are up, as is the parsley and lots of beets and kale and the lettuce is going great guns. I started to clean out one of the beds at the front of the house this morning with hopes of putting some greens in there for the summer, nice and close for quick salads and herbs.
Lettuce to the right side, baby ball beets in the middle and multicolor beets on the left.
The things to the left side that look different are the parsley plants. The rest are all onions, leeks, scallions etc....

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LB said...

Looks like the strawberries will get some snow!