Friday, September 26, 2008

The Myth

I fall into this trap every weekend... It's Friday and it seems like the entire weekend is stretching in front of me. I'll spend the evening having a drink or two (ruby port tonight) and making a list of things to do. I will somehow convince myself that it is reasonable. Just a matter of priorities, right?

Yeah... It NEVER works the way I plan. I expect this has something to do with the fact that I don't plan time to mess around on the computer or stare out the windows or take a nap or other activities which take up a REMARKABLE amount of time. And THIS weekend. It will be raining. Which really throws a wrench into the gardening, but not so much the kitchen work.

My garlic arrived today. Broadleaf Czech, Lorz Italian and Shvelsisi-Chesnok Red (really!). So the challenges are to get it growing (apparently the best time to plant is in mid October after a light frost) through the winter, fertilized and growed up, and harvested, dried and saved until next fall so that I can increase my stock. Cuz I didn't get so much garlic for my $26. But I guess if I look at it as the seed for all the garlic I will ever need to buy in the future, it isn't so bad. The bed is sort of dug. So it shouldn't be too difficult to get it in if things dry out.

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starrhillgirl said...

Always, ALWAYS put a nap on your weekend to do list. I put it on twice, just to be sure it gets done. Priority is spelled N-A-P.