Thursday, June 5, 2008


So hours after the daring rescue of the blue bird, it showed up as a present on my porch. Thanks, Kitty. GAH! He is a good enough hunter, I just wish he would challenge himself more. You know. Ground hogs. Deer. But nooooooo, he always finds something small and helpless like a little bird or a frog or a snake. Or a mouse, but rodents don't really count. Cats are supposed to eat them. That's why there are still cats in this world. They certainly wouldn't have made it this long on their merit as pets alone.

The SB is on his way home. Tomorrow we drive to the burg and pack up his apartment and bring him home. He'll be here for all of a couple days before he heads to our friends in Maryland to work on a project to earn real live money. Woo hoo. We love us some income.

I am excited that I get to have my bee mentor come again on Sunday. I have done my homework and I am ready for instruction! It is SO exciting. The bees are working like crazy. I put another super (small box) on top of the hive on Wednesday. My Papa drove all the way to Shipman to pick it up for me and dropped it on my doorstep. That is some SERVICE - and he paid for it! Gotta love the parental support of the hobby! It'll be interesting to see how far they have come on it by Sunday. There are so many of them now, I expect things will be rolling right along out there. Maybe I will try to take some pictures of the hive while I am out there. It seems less daunting with a mentor.... Technically, honey flow goes through June 15 or so. Since they are working so fast, maybe they will fill up some of my box and I can have a wee bit of homegrown honey without having to wait until next May. That is a wild and unreasonable hope, I know... It is right up there with actually having home grown tomatoes this year.... Maybe one or the other will come true!

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