Thursday, October 4, 2007


It is currently illegal in the ville to water plants with a hose due to our friendly neighborhood drought. My lovely, irreplaceable and expensive shrubbery are suffering. So I came up with a grand idea of punching little holes in the bottoms of my 5 gallon buckets with a nail set and a hammer. I pour water in the buckets and it slowly leaks out right next to the plant I am trying to resusscitate. It works pretty well but is slooooowww. I had been trying to water by pouring water on the ground but it is so dry the water just ran off. This is working much better.

My Sweet Baboo (SB) comes home for the weekend tomorrow. There will be much debauchery in the ville. Well, as much debauchery as can be had by a bunch of geezers anyway.

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