Monday, May 7, 2012

Tiny Window

This is the tiny window in weather garden etc that is precious.  The greens are going great guns, the summer pests haven't set in.  The mosquitoes are barely buzzing.  The rain is coming regularly.  There is much potential and promise.  Seeds planted.  Trellises constructed.  Mowing more or less under control.  Flowers blooming, etc, etc.

Oh!  Didn't I mention that the SB made trellises for the garden?  No?  You. Should. See. Them.  I feel totally rich.  They are simple, rabbit fencing with a bamboo pole woven through the top, hung on some posts.  We have two of these panels per bed.  We have the trellises around the outside of our 6 main beds, in a U shape.  When they grow in there will be a wee garden room springing up around you.  In my mind it is green and fruitful.

We'll see what happens when reality sets in.

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