Saturday, January 8, 2011


When I came home from work last night I found the SB working outside despite the dark. He told me that he was trying to tighten up the building materials we are collecting for the goat barn and garden pavilion because the little birdies were predicting snow. Of course, he meant it literally. He is convinced that the flying patterns of the small birds changes when snow is imminent. They fly low to the ground and flit from grassy clump to seedy stalk. I told the SB that the weather did not call for snow.

Later we went out to our local theater for a show and a few drinks at one of our favorite restaurants post show. (It was like old home week there and we ran into about 8 people we knew - the benefits of a relatively small town.) When we got home around 1AM, the SB said to me, "I guess the birdies were wrong." Except that they weren't cuz I woke up this morning to a light dusting of the white stuff.


jodi said...


Saw your post on Jenna's blog this morning. I live west of town on two acres. The snow was a surprise this morning. Looks like maybe more on Tuesday.


Elsie said...

Oooh! Thanks for coming over to check out the blog! Hoping if we must have more snow, it will be a small one. I am still reeling from last year. Hope we can catch up in real life! Are you a City Market person? Maybe we could meet up there when they start up again?

jodi said...

That would be good. See you in the spring!